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My folder is encrypted. How I can decrypt it?
Files encrypted with WinDefender automatically is decrypting ("on the fly") when reading from the hard drive. So, your folder must be in WinDefender's list and encrypting service should be started. To decrypt the folder (and so decrypt it on the hard drive), choose the menu command "Delete the Object" and decrypt the folder.

If you have accidentally deleted an encrypted folder from the WinDefender's list without decrypting it do the following for to correctly decrypt it:

  • Add the folder to the list, but without decrypting it.
  • Start encryption service for it.
  • Delete the folder again from the list, but don't forget to decrypt it.
If you unabled to decrypt files with these guidelines you can try to decrypt files with the help of the Recover Files utility. This utility is distributed with WinDefender since version 1.0.3 and is built into WinDefender since version 1.1. You can also download Recover Files utility from our web site. This utility allow you decrypt or encrypt files manually with any password.

To decrypt files from your folder with Recover Files utility do the following:

  • First, if you unsure, it is sensible to backup files from the folder;
  • Next, run Recover Files utility and enter the password you had used when you encrypted the files;
  • Choose the files you want to decrypt;
  • Recover Files utility contains two buttons: "Encrypt step" and "Decrypt step". Use the "Encrypt step" (up to four times, +4) and the "Decrypt step" (again up to four times, -4). After each step view the content of the files (double-click in the Windows Explorer) and if it seems to contain proper content - then your files are decrypted correctly!

I added a folder in the list, and it lost when it reboot,whats more, my files in the folder can be seen but I could not open it!
This happens because WinDefender version 1.0.x saves folders list on exit, but you had rebooted without exiting WinDefender. Since WinDefender version 1.1 this problem is fixed.

To restore the folders list - add these folders to the list without encrypting them (be sure don't encrypt it(!); see check mark when adding the folder) and start encrypting service for encrypted ones.

How have got access to WinDefender in autostart mode when booting?
If you had chosen the option to autostart WinDefender at Windows start, WinDefender will automatically start in locked mode and will be minimized to the tray.

To get access to WinDefender when Windows starting up - press the Shift key while loading Windows GUI. The dialog window will appear and you'll be allowed unlock WinDefender. Enter the current password installed in WinDefender. This will switch WinDefender into unlocked mode.

Can I protect my file with WinDefender?
WinDefender version 1.0.x can protect only entire folder. However since version 1.1 WinDefender allows to install protection for both files and folders (for this reason they are referenced as objects in the documentation).

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