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RESTrick Control Panel: Control Panel tab

This tab defines behavior of Windows Control Panel.

First of all, you can hide some of the applets from the control panel here (applet - is a Windows Control Panel application you can run from the Control Panel).

This tab provides a lot of information about control panel. Each applet is located in a file with extension "CPL", but one CPL file can contain more than one applet. The first applet in a CPL file is so called main applet. So, if you require to hide an applet that are contained in a CPL file with a lot of applets you have to hide the whole CPL file (i.e. all applets in the file).

Let's see the picture above. Currently is selected applet "Mouse" and we can see that it is located together with the "Keyboard", "Printers" and "Fonts" applets in the file "main.cpl". The brief description of these applets are extracted automatically and is showed below the list.

You will run any applet in the list by mouse double-clicking.

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