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I have installed restrictions and cannot start my program. Help!
You may always start RESTrick from the Windows control panel. To do this press the "Start" button, select "settings" menu and click "Control Panel". Find RESTrick in the list of control panel applets, run and remove the restrictions.

In the last resort (if control panel is restricted too) you can run RESTrick in the following way:
open the Windows system folder (ex. c:\windows\system) and double-click rest2.cpl file.

How do I uninstall RESTrick?
Open "Control Panel", double-click "Add/Remove Program", click on the tab "Install/Uninstall", select "RESTrick Control Panel" from the list and click "Add/Remove" button. Answer 'yes' on the question to uninstall this software. Finally reboot your computer.

You can uninstall RESTrick manually too. For this open your system folder in the Explorer, find the file "REST2.CPL" and delete it.

However if you require to remove restrictions that have been installed with RESTrick you should do it before uninstall since they are Windows based, so simply uninstalling RESTrick is insufficient.

Does this program have a password security?
YES! RESTrick Control Panel have password protection since version 1.2. This possibility is available for registered users only.

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